natacha ledwidge

These paintings are from an exhibition  at the Nomad Gallery in Kings Road, Chelsea titled  ‘Sacred Lands: Views from Deep Inside’. When I paint it feels like exploring without a map, I paint my way intuitively with an open heart and mind along with a deep sense of connection to the vast Universal Well of Creativity. I am constantly surprised by the extraordinary images that emerge through me and in front of me, they are not only about my own inner nature but also about a mysterious world just outside the five senses, just beyond our reach yet connected to us. A world suggesting rivers of light, waterfalls, caves, lightening and fire.  I am inspired by light, water and earth, Li and the graphic language of Nature and how this structures the living world, from billowing nebula seen through the Hubble telescope to the interior of the human body, the blood and the tiniest of cells or atoms.’ Painting helps me to lead a more wholehearted and conscious life.

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